Buddy rush wave trailerEdit

When buddy rush is releasing a new wave they post the trailer to youtube.

now buddy rush is on the fifth wave.

The Second WaveEdit

in the second wave they are introducing 2 new character Flow and Vampino and 2 new Chapter Bootomb and Questern

thumb|right|400px|The Second Wave!!

The Third WaveEdit

in the third wave they are introducing 2 new adorable character Skully and Toxy and release a new tropical beach chapter called Kanbucay.oh and they releasing Raid too.

thumb|right|400px|The Third Wave Trailer

The Fourth WaveEdit

A new chapter, ORIAC , is just the beginning of the Fourth Wave.

Two new faces Arpu and Healury , two new Raid bosses, new items, new skills, new costumes & accessories... all for a better Rush!

thumb|right|400px|The Fourth Wave

The Fifth WaveEdit

in this wave they are releasing 1 new character Choppin and 1 new chapter evaca , new accessories , new items , new costumes but no new raid bosses.thumb|right|400px|The Fifth Wave

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