Jacky is a close range character which specialize in Martial Arts.

He is rated with 4 stars for attack and 3 stars for defense.

The following are his skills:

Active (Red):

- Dragon Fang: Skill damage +10%

- Dragon Kick: Skill damage +10% & Stun +2% (good for lined-up enemies)

- Dragon Charm: Skill damage +5% (good for lined-up enemies)

  • If your enemy is tall, it's better to use Dragon Charm.

Passives (Blue):

- GrandFa: Skill cooltime -0.2sec.

- Iron Body: HP +1.5% + Evasion +1%

- Abyo!: Critial +0.5%

- Dragon's Aura: Skill cooltime -0.1sec. (for all party members)