The potions in Buddy Rush will restore your health, mana, or both automatically, but like consumables they have a cool-down which prevents you from using it again until the shade reaches the bottom. There are currently 16 types of potions in Buddy Rush,but some of them have not been found like the Empty Bottle.

Golden PotionEdit

100 0

Required Lv.1

Recover Full HP, MP

Composite PotionEdit

20 0

Required Lv.5

HP + 200 | MP + 20

Big Size Composite PotionEdit

Required Lv.16
Potion image6

HP+ 450 l MP+ 40

"Since when did we eat this kinda stuff...? Gotta do something about world economy."

Super Size Composite PotionEdit

22 0

Required Lv.24

HP + 600 | MP + 80

"Guess U almost lost your sense of taste. Just drink it in one shot."

Hyper Size Composite PotionEdit

Required Lv.60
Potion image5

Added by Astrofanrocks

HP +1200 I MP +160

"How should I say... it might be better to not eat it and just die."

HP PotionEdit

Required Lv.1
Potion image3

Added by Astrofanrocks

HP +150

"Good medicine taste bitter. So stop throwing up."

Big Size HP PotionEdit

1 0

Required Lv.8

HP + 300 "It's bigger in size, but lower fat! I love it!"

Super Size HP PotionEdit

2 0

Required Lv.1 from stores / Lv.16 from Missions

HP + 600

"It's hell much, but drink all at a time for your health."

Hyper Size HP PotionEdit

Required Lv.1 from Daily Quest and Stores / Lv.55 from Mission, Challenge,and Arena Reward
Potion image1

Added by Astrofanrocks

HP +1,200

"If this potion gets any bigger, you could explode drinking it."

MP PotionEdit

Required Lvl.1
Potion image2

Added by Astrofanrocks

MP +20

"Awakens your mind at any situation. Well, it taste like hell and that's the only problem."

Big Size MP PotionEdit

11 0

Required Lv.8

MP + 40

"There's one way u can drink it easy. Just cover your nose then you'll feel no taste at all. Well sometimes you will."

Hyper Size MP PotionEdit

Required Lv.55
Potion image4

Added by Astrofanrocks

MP +160

"The size and effects are better, but the taste is... WORSE!!"

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